In many ways, the purpose of creating this platform is listed below. However, it has taken some very surprising angles and forms. It is incredible and happy to observe and see the mobilization of all Kesheurs around this project, which confirms the change in our way of seeing, learning and understanding.

The objectives of the 1C1L.INFO platform are the following:

  • Manual translation of the whole platform, without any language limit => in order to bring to everyone, in a simple way, the useful and necessary clarifications and explanations.
  • Lighter weight of the website, documents or videos => in order to facilitate the access of the website to all people with a limited internet network.
  • Redirection of emails by language community => in order to allow each community to receive testimonies or to help its similar.

Our team thanks each of the authors of each community, who have worked in their entirety, to create all these documents of understanding, these beautiful photos, illustrations, videos, translations, diagrams, explanations etc. … that have allowed the creation of this platform.