The coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the planet and changing the lives of all humanity.  Countries, regions and entire cities closed their borders due to fear that the virus might spread and there is no “direct” solution to control it. Many living beings are left to themselves and are affected on a daily basis.

The Keshe Foundation is dedicated to solving this global challenge through the application of plasma technology and providing solutions to governments and each individual.

With “One Cup One Life – Anti Virus Cup of Life” created by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe and the resulting application of its GANS plasma water, it is possible for everyone to protect their lives and the lives of other people.

One Cup One Life is a replication of the energetic functioning of the human body, at a level below the virus. The plasma water fields create a weaker force condition. As a result, the virus as an energy packet is drained to the point of depleting its own energy, making the virus non-functional in its initial function.

(Thus the virus gives to the weaker (the plasma water). And in this way, it empties itself of its energy).
In summary 1C1L acts on the virus in prevention and in curative, that reverses the process of action and the energy of the virus ends up depleting itself.

Through this creation, we have the creation of the soul, of the human being, knowing that this soul is the total of all the subatomic souls, they constitute the total of all our body cells.

For advanced people in technology: 1C1L is the replication of the creation of the living on earth.

Therefore 1C1L works exactly as an entity in itself, to help us as the creator of our reality. It is therefore essential to focus our total and full intention on a purpose such as our absolute well-being as well as humanity’s in its totality, during its creation and beyond!

This means that our intention is to be like an ant in a colony, each one for himself and one for everyone!


A glass


Zinc Plate


Nano coil


Copper Coil


Nano coil holding bridge


Connecting wire Zinc (+)


Connecting wire Copper (+)


Polarization wire


Salt water at 15%

CuO Physicality
Co2 Connection
ZnO Emotion





11/01/2022 – Slide 160: Distance between the battery (home-made for 1C1L-2) and the cup.


One of the most important things today for all of us across this planet is the situation with Corona. How do we handle Corona, and how we come to find another solution, another way for the menace of this virus to be eradicated from this planet. It can be done, or at least bring life normal as much as possible. As you know KF has been involved in the development of the T that can be accepted and can be a solution for man in the space.

In the present world of medicine we consider viruses as RNA connected, there are fields and we don’t understand, and then they show themselves as protein, amino acid (AA), and the rest of it. In the real world of existence, viruses are in fact, only a bunch of M fields as a plasma, very much the same as what we produce in CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research), very much in what we produce in many of our reactors, that they have no identity.

When these packages of plasma, energies, interact with the cell of the body of the man, or animal, or any entity which is live, and it can regenerate itself, the interaction of their fields, and the cell of the body, creates residue material, that manifests itself as what they call, the virus, appearance or the shape of it.

This is why we see Coronaas an energy effect when it attaches itself to the cell of the body of the man, the interaction of the, between the two, creates the shape of it. This is what the world of science has not understood, that viruses are nothing but energy packs, they are packages of M fields, of the given strength, and they can replicate themselves by absorbing energy from their environment to make the same packages. This is why up to today the world of science has had no cure for viruses, because viruses are not antibiotic based, viruses are not anything else based, but energy based.

And sometimes with hit and run, when they produce some chemicals, which are energy packs, in effecting and being in touch with the cell, they deplete their energy. You go to a doctor, they tell you, you have a flu, a virus, you have to cope with it, we have no medicine. There is no antibiotic, why? Because the doctors have not understood, that the virus is energy. So when it’s in your body it replicates itself to a limit, it cannot expand, then it gives its energy up, and then it disappears. That’s why you suffer with flu, whatever viruses, every winter because these are the energy packs, that in a given temperature, environment, they manifest themselves, replicate, but they can’t expand anymore.

In the space T of the KF, we realized this some 30 – 40 years ago, that the best solution is to find out what the viruses are, what do these energy packs do with the body of the man, with the cell of the man.

In the depth of the space we do not have AA. AA is a characteristic of the structure of a cell on this planet, due to its MG field strength, due to its impact of the fields from the Sun, when they reach and they interact with the fields of the earth, that is both G and M fields of the Earth, and they, the MG of the Sun, in rubbing against each other, they create packages of plasma in the upper atmosphere, and once the G field of the Earth interacts with these, pulling them to the surface of the Earth, in interaction with the Inertia of the gases, and the Inertia of the solid material of the earth, and MG field of the earth, they find themselves in a matter state characteristics, as we know as AA.

We know this, that if you go on the KF website, learn how to make CO2 Gans, or any others, you see a layer of fat on the top, AA. This is how the earth produces. Now we know how to do it.

So in that respect, the viruses do not have a matching Inertia strength, on their own, in the atmosphere they are, in the environment they are. But they find a matching Inertia when they come in touch with the cell of the body of the man, or animal, or any living thing. So in the interaction of their fields with the cell of the body of the man, in finding a common denominator, it could be a C, could be the H of the AA, could be the N of the AA, or a combination of the other materials which are connected to the AA, like Ca or whatever, they reach to that point of Inertia, and manifest themselves, as what we see, the physical shape of the crown, of the Corona, or any other diseases.

So in fact, the cell on its own, has its own structure, the plasma of the body of the virus has its own field structure, but no matter structure, no where we can confirm of its existence in the matter state. And when they come together, the amalgamation of the two creates a shell over the cell. At the same time, the interaction of the fields of the virus in interaction with the Inertia field strength of the cell, creates a new features on the top, and this leads, where the cell is in the center, you have some shape of, state, as we see like a crown, and then we have an atmosphere energy pack around this totality.

The reason the antibodies of today do not work, is because this atmosphere around the cell of the body of the man, does not allow them to enter to reach the cell, to become effective to do something with it. So this, as long as this atmosphere around the cell, we call it a Corona, we call it anything else, exists, the cell of the body of the man cannot be protected. And in that process as the energy of the cell is transferring to become the body of the physical what, manifestation, Inertia of the energy of the plasma of the virus. The virus depletes the energy of the cell, so the cell gets injured, and this injury if it is extensive goes to so many cells, destroys the cell structure.

And in Corona we have seen, we know that in the lung of the man, this Corona, AA is connected to the Ca link of the protein, AA of what we call the lung of the man. In this process, now we understand if we can penetrate and deplete the energy around the cell, and what has manifested itself as the crown of the virus, we can deplete this to zero, where the M field effect of the virus loosens, or depletes in a way that it cannot effect the cell, we see the virus disappearing.



It’ s a family of viruses called coronaviruses, that usually trigger a cold with a low-grade fever, dripping nose and sneezing.

The symptoms can develop into lung disease such as bronchitis.

Covid-19 is a recent virus characterized by a rapid transmission from human to human.

Currently, the mortality rate (% of deaths based on the identified infected population) is +/- 2%. On the other hand, the lethal rate (% of deaths per infected population) is less than 1% for the moment.

The difference between the two rates can be explained by a high proportion of the population who are infected without any of the following symptoms:

A fever that is present or not, cold perspirations, tiredness, a dry cough. Some people may also have aches and pains, headaches, chest pressure or breathlessness. Such symptoms are indicative of a respiratory infection or lung disease that is detected by radiology.

NB: Single-stranded, positive polarity RNA viruses use their genome directly as a messenger of RNA.

If you are new in Plasma technology, you can look at the Cup as replication of the energetic functions of human body.
For those advanced in technology: 1C1L is the replication of the Creation of life on earth.

Through this creation, we get the creation of the Soul, of the human being, understanding that this soul is the addition of all the subatomic souls, which are the totality of all of our cells within the body.

So, 1C1L works exactly as an entity on its own, to help us as the Creator of our reality. So it is necessary to focus full and entire intention on one purpose, such as our well-being and also mankind’s well-being in its totality, during its creation and beyond!

This means that our intention has to be like an ant in a colony, each one for itself and one for all.

The virus is a bundle of energy. The plasma GANS water creates a condition of weaker strength. So the virus gives it its energy until it depletes itself.

More detailed answer: 1C1L acts on the virus in prevention and cure. It reverses the process of the virus and virus energy is finally drained. It is a replication of the energetic operation of the human body, at a lower level than the virus. In this way, the virus gives to the weaker (the plasma GANS water), and so, it loses its energy.

At first the coronavirus affects the energetic side of your being. Then, in a second phase, it affects your physicality, the lung area of your body.

In the future, viruses which affect the muscles will very probably develop. (This type of virus will be more difficult to eradicate)

So you can see that 1C1L evolves in a similar way to coronavirus through its different phases!

Initially 1C1L will produce GANS matter of CO2 and ZnO2 (white colour), then CuO2. So production is available after +/- 3 hours of operation.

Remember that these 3 GANS (CO2, ZnO2 and CuO2) create magnetic and gravitational fields.

The CO2 and ZnO2 plasma GANS water will protect the energetic (magnetic and gravitational) side of your being, which is your Soul.

In a second step 1C1L will create matter GANS of CuO2, making the GANS look like a light green colour. At this point the matter GANS will have the total potential to protect your physicality (your body). This means that CO2, ZnO2 and CuO2 plasma GANS water will protect your being as a totality.

1C1L is initially set at 15% salinity.

Don’t forget to adjust the water level by adding 15% salt water to the One Cup One Life, after each Amino Acids and GANS retrieval.

In time, you will see some white crystals on the edge of 1C1L, this is salt from the environment.

During One Cup One Life production, you can collect these salts, by using a small spoon placed under the cup, for further applications.


Additional properties of 1C1L: antiviral and antibacterial.
1C1L produces 3 types of GANS: CO2 GANS, ZnO2 GANS and CuO2 GANS which is the most powerful anti infectious agent.

Yes, for most of the viruses (list undefined).
Does not work for HIV.

In case of food shortage, you can absorb amino acids in very small quantity to respond to the need of your body.

Half a teaspoon of amino acids a day is enough to nourish your body for a day. (Do not use metal)

Yes, for any bacterial pathogen.

No, it’s more effective.

Yes, the reason is that amino acids are the molecular basis of any oil, and so of any essential oil. For this reason, AA can be supplemented with a specific essential oil (antiviral or antibacterial), using one drop.


Safety and security

The GANS in its matter state is the sediment at the bottom of the container, when the GANS is produced.

The power of GANS in its matter state is different from the power of plasma GANS water!

The GANS matter is an energy package with a power level much higher than the human body can currently support.

Ingesting GANS matter means overloading the body’s energy system.

Overload means an excess of energy beyond the capacity of the system itself.

On the other hand, Plasma GANS Water does not contain matter energy, but information through magnetic and gravitational fields.

So this plasma GANS water is like a fruit seed holding the future potential of the plant. This means the full potential of the plant in terms of creating vitamins and minerals. So your body sees the plasma GANS water as a fruit.

Regarding the absorption of a quantity of GANS, according to the quantity and according to your metabolism, your body does not have necessarily the capacity to release it. In this case it would be an overdose of energy.

In case your body is able to handle this situation, you will have a fever, because your body will struggle with this extra energy.

As with food, your body absorbs what it needs and rejects the rest.

Please be aware that to produce plasma GANS water which is totally free of particles and absolutely clear, takes a long time, from several hours to several days.

This is very important! It is your responsibility to respect this!

Only in cases of high blood pressure from kidney sources.
In this case, we recommend additional rinsing of the GANS matter. And when you introduce your Amino Acids into the plasma GANS water, make sure not to add the salt water to them.

For house cleaning and disinfection: YES
For consumption and application on the body: NO

No, as they do not drink the GANS matter.

If you follow all the instructions on the website and in the PDF file, 1C1L is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritant, non-inflammable and non-explosive.

No. If you don’t drink the GANS matter.

Warning regarding the ingestion of this solution: According to the European regulation, this solution is not in the list of authorized for consumption. One Cup One Life (1C/1L) is an experimental solution.

It is recommended for consumption and only for the following usages: physical and chemical experiments and laboratory work.
It follows the regulatory framework for Chemicals Substances, which is not subject to REACH (European Chemicals Agency) registration.

The User of this solution agrees to assume responsibility for any other use he/she makes of it, in spite of the procedure described on the website and in the PDF file, and in spite of the present warning.

This solution is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritant, non-inflammable and non-explosive.

As the impact of nanoparticles on the environment is still under investigation at the time of this writing, we are looking for further developments in research from official science to ensure exact conformity of the labelling by the relevant authorities.


To be clear, as pure as possible!

Of course, free of any lead for Zinc and free of aluminium for copper!

NB: Zinc-plated iron is not Zinc!

Zinc-plated iron and zinc look very similar! The best way to identify them is to use a magnet!

If the magnet sticks to the alloy, it is steel.
If the magnet doesn’t stick, it may be zinc or aluminium.

Zinc is as heavy as galvanised iron!
Aluminium is lighter and has a lighter appearance than zinc!

Comparison :
1/ Aluminium
2/ Zinc
3-4/ Galvanised iron

You can find pure zinc :

– In DIY shops.
– In salt batteries or Zinc-Carbon batteries (new), their shells are made of pure zinc.
( you cannot find it in ALKALINE batteries!).

– The old gutters are made of zinc, however they may contain either lead or regule! (not to be used)
– In DIY stores, however zinc is never really pure.

Take a pair of protective gloves, small pliers, a rag, a small hammer, a big pair of scissors or a shears for the sheet metal:

Procedure to do on a newspaper or similar!

– Remove the packaging from the battery
– Pull the plus (+) pole to remove the metal pad from the top
– Remove the 2nd packaging
– Remove the plastic pad on the plus (+) pole side
– Pull out the carbon core by rotating it from right to left and pulling it out
– Remove the cardboard disc
– Empty the battery of its black substance (manganese oxide) and store it in a bag
– Cut out the bottom of the shell and then the cylinder, to make a plate
– Then clean the zinc plate with some vinegar and salt and rinse with fresh water

Zinc containing lead can be difficult to distinguish to the novice eye.
Zinc containing lead is softer and may be darker, due to its oxidation with water, than normal zinc.

If you heat a small piece of leaded zinc, you can see the presence of lead, as it melts faster than normal zinc. So you see lead pearling on the surface of the zinc, like melting tin (small chrome balls that rise to the surface as it heats up and re-enters the zinc as it cools).

The zinc will take a dark grey patina!

Melting point of lead 327C°.
Melting point of zinc 419C°.

Babbitt metal Zinc has a bright zinc appearance, but is harder than normal zinc and it crackles to the ear when it is bent and is more brittle than zinc without babbitt metal. It can also have a yellow or light pink appearance! (lighter than copper)

Comparison :
1/ Zinc
2/ Babbitt metal Zinc
3/ Copper

Copper containing aluminum can be difficult to distinguish to the novice eye.

If you heat a small piece of copper, you can see the aluminium because it melts faster than the copper. So you see aluminium pearling and covering up the surface of the copper, very much like tin melting on copper.

Melting point of aluminium 660C°.
Melting point of copper 1085C°.

View video

Whenever possible, it is strongly recommended to use a used AA 1.5V battery (Alkaline or Saline or Zinc-Carbon or others…).

If you do not have the resources to check the power of your battery with a multimeter or battery tester, for safety reasons:

Option 1/ Check that your battery is not dead (empty) in a remote control.

Option 2/ Use a larger diameter container, which will result in the zinc plate and copper coil being further away from the central nano coil, thus increasing the resistance.

Option 3/ A new battery (B2) can be connected to a second completely discharged battery (B1) in order to halve the energy of the new battery. (see diagram below, parallel connection)

Once your 1C1L is launched, you will notice in a few minutes that bubbles escape from the central nano copper coil (like effervescence in a glass of water). If your battery is too strong, you will notice a yellow or orange color, even brown. In this case you can start again to Zero the 1C1L!


NB1 : In case of worries with this process, we advise you to go to a double 1C1L which does not need battery. (The two 1C1L will feed themselves, the one the other)

NB2 : If you have neither battery, nor the possibility of making two 1C1L, replace the battery by a 4th copper wire (6) stripped between your connection wires N°3-4 and N°5. (green wire on the diagram). This process leads to a slower production, but just as efficient.

Discharge it by creating a short circuit:

With a coil:

Make sure that the connecting wires are thick enough for this procedure.

Short-circuit your battery, with a wire or a coil long enough (about 40cm) to avoid overheating the wire and the battery, for ± 2h to 4h (for a new battery).

During the first hour, make sure that the copper wire or the battery does not rise too much in temperature, in this case disconnect the circuit so that the whole cools down, then reconnect the circuit.

The capillarity of the water comes from the connection between the copper coil N°1 and the connection wire N°4, which are both multi-stranded!

To solve this small problem, you can attach a single-stranded hook between the spool and the connecting wire (See photo).


Yes, it is important not to place 1C1L on, or near, any metallic supports or objects! On a one meter radius!

You can place your 1C1L in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom ( throughout your house), ideally in a high place, out of children’s hands.

Do not place your 1C1L on, or near, any metallic supports or objects, as well as electromagnetic fields! On a one meter radius! (Iron table, microwave, mobile phone, wifi internet box ….)

AA are produced very quickly and continuously during the lifetime of 1C1L.

So you can collect AA at any time and store it all in the same container.

The AA are on the surface of 1C1L. At first you will see bubbles on the surface (like iridescent “multicoloured” soap microbubbles). Then one or several oily patches will appear and float on the surface of the water (these are the AA).

Collect them with a plastic spoon! The AA stick to the spoon, you can release them by pouring a little bit of fresh water on the spoon.

Depends on your 1C1L and the conditions you make it!

At first you”ll get GANS matter at the top and bottom of your recipient (CO2 at the bottom and ZnO2 at the top). And then, the two GANS will mix at the bottom of the recipient.

At this point, you can start to collect the GANS matter with a syringe.

It’ s important to keep some GANS at the bottom of the 1C1L recipient.

If possible, we recommend you to keep GANS as well as plasma GANS water and AA in glass recipients.

If you don’t have any! Don’t use any metal or metal-containing recipients at all! And if possible, do not use plastic


1C1L = One Cup One Life

The name 1C1L was chosen as it is personal. So it is important that every human has his own 1C1L. Because when you create it, you put your own intentions, energy and DNA into it.
In this way, it will be more appropriate to you, and therefore more effective.

However, this does not exclude its effectiveness in helping the others.

Also known as Nano, Nano Surfacing, Nano Coating.

Nano coating is a layer of carbon crystals created on the surface of copper, when you nano coat with a torch or caustic soda. (NAOH)

It changes the structure of the copper in a nanoscale dimension.

For more information, see the video in the link below…

Initials of GANS means Gas At Nano State = Gas in Nano Solid State (called GANS or GANS matter).

 There are two kinds of plasma water :

– Plasma GANS waterthat has been in direct contact with the GANS. (physically)
– Plasma water that has been in indirect contact with GANS. (mixture of fresh water and plasma GANS water, or fresh water exposed to GANS fields or plasma GANS water)

In both cases, the water is structured. However, water in direct contact is more powerful, and is structured more quickly, so it is used in 1C1L.

Don’t forget! The 1C1L plasma GANS water for application to yourself is produced from the final washing of the GANS.

Just a reminder:

The plasma GANS water in recipient “D” will serve you for cleaning and protection of your house and for skin application in small amount! (Be careful, very powerful water)

The plasma GANS water from the final washing is used for drinking, but also for skin applications.

The information and education material contained in this web site is meant to promote the general understanding and dialog of GANS processing. Such information is not meant or intended to serve as a substitute for a healthcare professional’s clinical training, experience, or judgment. For patients and individuals, such information is not to be a substitute for professional medical, therapeutic, or healthcare advice or counseling.

For medical issues or concerns, including decisions about medications and other treatments, readers/viewers/listeners should always consult their physician or, in serious cases, seek immediate assistance from emergency personnel.

Prescription information, procedures, and use of medical devices information should be undertaken only by properly trained and certified medical personnel.

We specifically disclaim any warranties, express or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Such information is provided “AS IS” and is believed to be accurate at the time of its publishing, but it is the viewer’s job to evaluate the accuracy of any information found in this presentation.

Every case presented is of their own experience, applied by themselves for themselves and it applies to their case only. Every person experiencing health problems should seek professional medical advice and consult their course of treatment with a doctor. The processes of plasma balancing described herein, are a natural process which supports the body but does not replace medical advice or therapies one is already subject to.


This website is made available to the public strictly for information purposes. This information does not in any case substitute professional medical advice.


Warning about ingestion of this solution: According to the European regulation, this solution is not in the authorised list for consumption. One Cup One Life (1C1L) is an experimental solution.

It’ s only recommended for the following uses: Physical and chemical experiments and laboratory work.

It conforms with the regulatory framework for chemicals regulation, but does not require registration with REACH (European Chemicals Agency). The user of this solution agrees to assume responsibility for any other use he/she makes of it, despite of the procedure described on and despite of the present warning.

This solution is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritating, non-inflammable and non-explosive.

As the environmental impact of nanoparticles is still under investigation at this time of writing, we look for further developments in official science, in order to comply with labelling regulations by the relevant departments.


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